About us

Sinudom Agriculture Products Limited Partnership

Sinudom Agriculture Products Limited Partnership is a family business founded by Chaiyakorn Sinudom and his family since 1999 in Thailand. Sinudom produce Chitin , Chitosan from shrimp shell and crab shell for used in medical industry and farm etc. We also produce organic fertilizer made from Chitosan 100%. The farmer uses our product for a long times. We have a good feedback from the farmer who are using this product. Our mission is produce organic product made from natural and not using any chemical. We focus on quality of product for the benefit of customers.

We produce for sell in our country and export to another country. We also have another product for animal feed made from Chitosan , dry shrimp shell , dry crab shell , dry fish scale , Cuttlefish bone for bird , Sea Food and another product you need in Thailand. Today we has been accepted from another country such as USA Canada Czech India China and ECT.